How to Request an Exterior Change

General Information

The deed restrictions for most communities require that the board of directors or Architectural (Standards) Committee review all exterior "additions, alterations and modifications . . .".   The filing and approval of all applications are essential so that the character of the community will be maintained, the rights of all residents are respected, and to review that no alteration will create a hazardous condition, interfere with Association maintenance operations, or endanger the integrity of structures.

Prior to initiating an exterior change, the requesting owner must submit plans to the Association, care of the managing agent.  Requests that require no attachments may be submitted using the online Exterior Change Request Form.  Requests that require attachments (i.e., deck/landscape designs, plot plans, color brochures, etc.) must be submitted via first class mail.  Duplicate submissions for the same request may delay application review.

To expedite requests, please provide complete and detailed information. For example, a request for gutter installation should describe:

  • the exact location (front and/or back, 1st and/or 2nd level)
  • the gutter material (seamless aluminum or vinyl)
  • the gutter's color (white, brown, etc.), and;
  • the gutter's impact on the structure (i.e., does the color of gutter match the outside structure of the building?)

Dimensions, drawings/sketches, plot plans and color pictures/brochures may be required.   Also, since many homes are part of a duplex, triplex, fourplex or fiveplex, the owner may be requested to obtain neighbor consent for all such changes.

Aesthetic standards for each community vary and specific requirements are outlined in the Association's communications including the Resident / Homeowners Guide. The information herein is intended to act as a general resource facilitate your on-line submission. Consult your Association documents, or contact the managing agent, for additional information and assistance.

If an application is wholly or partially denied, the applicant may re-submit their request further detailing its merits.  The Association shall re-review the request and render a final decision.

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