Exterior Change Request Form

Please use this form for all exterior change requests, excepting for the Chadwick Square HOA. That form may be found here.

Follow the instructions below for online submittal; a copy of your request will be sent to you via e-mail. If you want a hard copy for your records, please print before clicking the "submit" button. Required fields are designated with an asterisk (*).

If your request requires the submission of plot plans, product brochures, diagrams or drawings, etc., you may submit to the management office by:  (a) E-mail: service@drm.net (in Adobe PDF or MS-Word format);  (b) Fax:  518-785-1476;  or, (c) Mail:  Diamond Realty Management, 790 Watervliet Shaker Road, Latham, NY 12110-2207.

Following submission please await receipt of written approval, if any, prior to commencing any work.  Association governing documents generally provide for up to a thirty day (30) day response period, please plan accordingly..

Applicant Information
Property address:*
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Exterior Change Request Information
Description of exterior change request. Include detail such as the dimensions, materials, color, design, location, impact on the structure, impact on our neighbors, and other pertinent data: (see "How to Request an Exterior Change" . . . for submission requirement detail.)
If this application is approved, services will be provided by:*    Self Contractor or Third Party
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Submission Conditions

The Owner(s) requesting to make the described addition, alteration or modification and by submitting this form (s)he acknowledges and agrees to comply with the following:

The applicant, and any subsequent owner, is wholly responsible for all initial and recurring costs and liability associated with the installation, maintenance and repair of the described alteration. The Owner further assumes all responsibility for any damage to any common elements and/or injury that may occur as a result of the alteration and shall minimize interference and inconvenience to others.

Any approval granted by the Association shall be contingent upon all work being performed in accordance with all applicable laws, codes, ordinances and regulations of any government and/or agency(ies) and it will be the responsibility of the Owner to obtain at his/her cost all necessary certificates, permits and licenses required by such agencies and to provide the Association with copies of same, as required.

To abide by the decision of the Association. If the modification is not completed as approved, said approval can be revoked and the modification will be required to be removed by the Owner at their expense, or modified to the acceptance of the Association. The Owner shall be responsible for all reasonable costs and expenses to ensure compliance with Association standards, including attorney's fees.

All approvals granted shall be in writing and automatically expire in six (6) months. Work shall be completed expeditiously once commenced, in a good workman-like manner and be in a timeframe acceptable to the Association.

If an exterior change request is wholly or partially denied, the applicant may resubmit their request further detailing its merits. The Association shall re-review the request and render a final decision.


The deed restrictions for most communities require that the board of directors or Architectural (Standards) Committee review all exterior "additions, alterations and modifications . . .". The filing and approval of all applications are essential so that the character of the community will be maintained, the rights of all residents are respected, and to review that no alteration will create a hazardous condition, interfere with Association maintenance operations, or endanger the integrity of structures.

Prior to initiating an exterior change, the requesting owner must submit written plans to the Association, care of the managing agent. Requests that require no attachments may be submitted using online at www.drm.net. Requests that require attachments (i.e., deck/landscape designs, plot plans, color brochures, etc.) must be submitted via first class mail. Duplicate submissions for the same request may delay application review.

To expedite requests, please provide complete and detailed information. For example, a request for gutter installation should describe:

  • the exact location (front and/or back, 1st and/or 2nd level)
  • the gutter material (seamless aluminum or vinyl)
  • the gutter’s color (white, brown, etc.), and;
  • the gutter’s impact on the structure (i.e., does the color of gutter match the outside structure of the building?)

Aesthetic standards for each community vary and specific requirements are outlined in the Association’s governing documents and communications including the Resident / Homeowners Guide, if applicable. Consult your Association documents, or contact the managing agent, for additional information and assistance.

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