Community Association Services

Diamond Realty Management is the region's leading authority in condominium and homeowner association management and maintenance services - and the only industry leading Accredited Association Management Company (AAMC) designee.

On the surface, community association management appears to be a simple as having the lawns mowed, snow removed, aesthetic standards cooperatively complied with and members paying their dues on time.  The reality is unfortunately much different.

Serving on a community association board of directors can be a burdensome task, even when all goes well.  Faced with the challenges of a never ending commitment of time juggled with your own careers, families and other obligations and responsibilities, even a bright, energetic and well minded board can fine the demands of self management at times daunting. 

In this brutally competitive real estate marketplace, poorly and self-managed communities lag noticeably behind those that do not utilize the services of a leading professional management firm.

DRM has established the necessary systems and strategies to meet the specialized needs of even the most demanding community associations.  DRM's experienced staff is the backbone of its operations.   Our management teams are lead by the region's only community managers who have earned the elite PCAM® designation - Professional Community Association Manager - the highest level of professional recognition in the industry.

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Summary of DRM's Services

Financial Management Services:

Full range of accounting services on a stand alone basis or part of our full service management scope, including:

  • Budget preparation
  • Payment booklet / Statement billing
  • Accounts receivable
  • Delinquency collection
  • Invoice / Payment processing
  • Financial report preparation
  • Capital reserve analysis study
  • Audit / Tax preparation assistance
  • Utility tracking / Cost reduction analysis
  • Real estate tax assessment / Certiorari proceedings
  • Investment management

Efficient and accurate financial management and reporting is essential to successful property management.  Diamond Realty Management boasts the industry's most advanced computerized systems designed specifically to meet the client's complete accounting needs.  DRM's financial management software package offers over fifty different client reports.

DRM's in-house expertise in delinquency collection sets the industry benchmark for achieving results.  Our collection program differs from other management firms, we distinguish ourselves where others leave off.   DRM handles all aspect of delinquency collection, from friendly reminder notices to skip tracing, court filings and attendance to lien filings and judgment collection processing.

With communities continuing to age, the funding of upcoming capital replacement and improvement projects are of paramount concern.  DRM's efforts include the development of a long-term capital reserve and replacement budget.

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Facilities Management & Maintenance

Administering a program of proper management and maintenance of all buildings, grounds and community services is an important responsibility of a community association.

DRM's knowledge and effectiveness in developing, implementing and monitoring an on-going facilities maintenance program will positively impact the appearance and appeal of a community, its resident services satisfaction level and ultimately increase homeowner's property values.

DRM anticipates issues before they become a problem by conducting regular on-site inspections completed by its experienced personnel to help identify matters and then take corrective measures.

DRM's service contract development and project specifications set the industry standard for their performance enhancement focus and achieving cost savings.   We carefully monitor contractor performance to ensure compliance with specifications and resident satisfaction measures.

DRM's staff members provide a wide range of routine and highly skilled maintenance services that cost significantly less than private contractors.  Our staff excels in carpentry, electrical repairs, plumbing/sewer issues, painting, roof repairs/replacement, general handyman services, snow removal, etc. - as well as specializing in community amenities such as pools, ponds, recreation facilities, laundry facility repairs, etc.  And, they can be reached 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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Business/Administrative Management

DRM is known for courteously responding to all owner/resident requests and inquiries. All call activity is diligently logged and corrective action is initiated promptly.

In addition, DRM prepares meeting announcements, budget and financial statement mailings, community directories, homeowner guides and all necessary Association correspondences and communications to the board, residents, professional and service providers, etc.

DRM maintains all Association files and records, including meeting minutes, resolutions, contracts, insurance policies, correspondences, owner/resident information, and all other pertinent information important to the Association, and then reports appropriate community activity at Association meetings.

DRM handles the necessary professional administration and relations for all necessary legal, accounting and insurance services.

DRM administers the transition for new homeowners including resale certificate issuance, homeowner orientation and the distribution of welcome package information.

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Aesthetic Review / Control

With the assistance of the Managing Agent, the board of directors strives to maintain the architectural integrity and continued attractive appearance of the community via resident compliance with the established standards.  Adherence to these architectural and related standards is deemed necessary to help promote harmonious living and to protect property values.

DRM's professionals assist the board in reviewing existing, and the development of new standards, to effectively govern the conduct and appearance of the community.  In cooperation with the board, a uniform application review criterion is established to ensure prompt evaluation of each submission.

DRM promotes an atmosphere of voluntary cooperation and compliance though the publication of community resident guides, web site information and other communications. The distribution of new resident welcome information reduces infractions before they have an opportunity to arise.

In addition, our routine site inspections and prompt response to resident complaints will identify noncompliance with Association standards.  In most cases, a friendly reminder and/or personal contact solves the issue.  In the event stronger measures are required, the appropriate due process procedures will be taken.

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