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Backed by decades of experience in real estate management, development, investment and brokerage activity, Diamond Realty Management is a leading industry authority in providing real estate management and maintenance services.  Our pro-active and innovative management philosophies provide the solid foundation from which we offer our services.

Diamond Realty Management believes that quality management does make a difference.  Our approach leaves little to chance. It's reflected in our high performance levels and our pre-eminent position in the industry.

Diamond Realty Management is in the forefront of a new era of professional property management firms.

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The Diamond Advantage

What distinguishes Diamond Realty Management (DRM) from other firms?  It's our proactive approach, innovative philosophy and professional practice. 

The hallmark of DRM's program is our demonstrated ability to consistently think in new and creative ways about your community and its potential.  DRM progressively develops proactive strategies and implements cost saving programs. This all translates into smart money management.

DRM has earned its reputation, in part, by introducing many leading industry innovations.  Diamond Realty Management has long been the leader in applying new technologies to the property management arena.

For example, DRM's property management professionals were the first to use video cameras to enhance property inspections. We then introduced laptop computers in the field and at meetings to increase productivity.  Next, we were among the pioneers to utilize the now popular instant radio communications system among management personnel and service providers.  Then our customized hand-held computer applications revolutionized on-site data collections and reporting thus allowing unprecedented control and tracking among our managers and service personnel.  Digital camera functionality was added to provide instant visual data to increase effectiveness and response time.

However, it's not only technology that defines DRM's leadership role, our property management personnel use professional and sound business practices.  This professional approach views the property as a business and establishes plans, goals and benchmarks to help assure that the property is operating efficiently, thus maximizing homeowner investments.

DRM's integrated maintenance division provides a full range of services to supplement the properties contracted providers.  Our in-house personnel provide prompt reliable property services and respond to routine and emergency needs 24 hours per day.

However, most importantly . . . our business is about people and service!   We've distinguished ourselves by putting a premium on personal service and responding to individual homeowner's needs of the properties we manage. This is Diamond Realty Management's distinct advantage!

Interested in learning more about Diamond Realty Management?

Why Select Diamond Realty Management?

DRM understands that it's an increasingly competitive marketplace and the selection of the right management firm can mean a difference of hundreds of thousands of dollars in aggregate home value and equity. DRM ensures that your community will remain ahead of its peers because we stay several steps ahead of ours.

The 6 R's of Professional Property Management

  • Responsibility – Our professional approach demands total responsibility and accountability.

  • Responsiveness - DRM believes in timely and courteous responses. Listening to the customer is key to a productive lasting relationship.

  • Reliability – DRM is a management firm you can count on.

  • Regard to Detail – When it comes to managing people’s homes and investments we believe that “little things” are important.

  • Resourcefulness – DRM is innovative. No matter how efficiently and smoothly a property is operating, improvement is always possible. We are always striving for a better way.

  • Raising Value - DRM does more than just manage. We enhance property values.

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